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peter | privacy technology enthusiast | systems administrator

peter.loki -- lokinet mirror of this site. -- clearnet mirror of this site.

services \\ tjenester

A Dark Room -- self hosted in browser text rpg.
piratehost -- anonymous file share/pastebin with 20gb limit, no DMCA, no takedowns unless against TOS, api and hotlinking supported. torrent generation also supported.
passcheck -- password strength checker, generator and breach checker. warning: queries if you utilize the breach check feature.
anonymity -- an anonymity checker for users of lokinet.
radio -- a dive into my "music" taste. 24/7 internet radio just like the good old days
kopimashin -- a budget ripoff of brokep's kopimashin, a machine designed to demonstrate the stupidity of putting a price on a file.
peter.loki -- a high speed abuse proof lokinet exit node.
sogs -- a free session open group creator.

about me \\ om meg

background \\ bakgrunn

I am a seventeen year old system administrator who has been self hosting services and maintaining instances since I was ten.
in the past two years I have become increasingly interested in privacy technologies and preserving the right to anonymity for every human.
I draw a lot of my aesthetic inspiration from ex-members of the piratbyrån.
I believe strongly in pirate politics. I am a proud supporter of the EFF and other digital privacy organizations.
I am also a huge fan of nordic culture and have been heavily influenced by the nordic internet scene and their beliefs on privacy/information freedom.

skills \\ ferdigheter
qualifications \\ kvalifikasjoner

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security \\ cybersikkerhet

this server is hosted behind companies that are in many different jursidctions: my hosting is self-hosted somewhere in the world, the public IPv4 that I lease to protect the hosting is an american IP from a swedish company, my domain registrar proxy is swedish, and my domain registrar is mauritian(their contact us button does not work + mauritius is known as an offshore haven).
suffice to say, no matter what tos compliant things you upload/share on my services, it will remain up with no threat of takedown. in the extremely unlikely event that all of these jursidctions work together, your data will still be safe as my IPv4 provider keeps no logs as to my connection, so I will simply switch domains and keep the lokinet site up.
in addition, no server access/error logs are kept on any of my hosted services. I am in the process of a setting up an open xmpp/jabber server that will allow for free registrations.