piracy generator | peter

this site is illegal under international law and punishable by up to five years in prision and a fine of $250000usd -- unfortunate :(

this site is a poormans ripoff of kopimashin, an art project by brokep that causes almost $10m usd a day in "damages" according to the RIAA.
this site is meant to demonstrate how stupid modern piracy guidelines are, and that how creating a copy of a song and streaming it, is not as damaging as rights holders make it out to be. each mp3 of '22' by taylor swift is priced at $1.25. everytime you load this site you load a copy of this song, meaning that according to the rights holders, you just commited a crime and cost them a dollar and twenty five cents.

'22' has been streamed 935796 times illegally from this site

supposedly costing the record industry $1169745usd.